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Complaints Platforms

We deliver your demands securely and reliably via platforms enabling you to submit your complaints about various sectors and services.

منصة تواصل

Leadership Communication Platform (Tawasul)

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, is keen to provide and facilitate access for all citizens to government services. Managed by the Royal Court, the Tawasul platform enables citizens to send complaints and suggestions about any government agency, to help improve the quality of service.
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Digital Communication (Amir)

A service that allows the beneficiary to open a report with the aim of escalating the complaint submitted to the government agency providing the service, in the event that the time period for processing the complaint is exceeded or in the event that the beneficiary is not satisfied
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Kollona Amn

A service that allows citizens and residents to submit security and criminal reports, reports related to the violation of personal life, threats, impersonation, extortion, hacking social media accounts, defamation, fraud and other criminal offenses and security reports through the application (We are all safe).

Reports and Complaints System 940

This service allows receiving complaints from citizens and residents in municipal affairs and working on them urgently around the clock through coordination between the relevant departments and field teams and with all relevant authorities.
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Commercial Report

This service enables you, as a consumer, to submit a report on a commercial violation that falls within the jurisdiction and tasks of the Ministry of Commerce
مهيئة مكافحة الفساد

Report corruption (Nazaha)

A service that allows the beneficiary to submit a report to the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority about actions involving corruption crimes, financial or administrative violations, or failure to provide public services to citizens