Human Rights Commission

Empower Human Rights! Human Rights Commission invites you to participate in a dynamic public consultation. Your insights matter as we strive to spread a culture of human rights and develop awareness. Join the conversation and let your voice be a catalyst for change!

  • Topics

    Citizens, Woman, Older People, Resident / Visitor, Human Rights
  • Target Audience

    Citizens, Resident / Visitor, Youth, Older People, Woman, Persons with disabilities
  • Sector

    Labor and social welfare
  • Project Period

    02/04/2023 - 12/04/2023

Consultation: promoting the culture of human rights and raising awareness

The Commission aims to promote human rights culture and awareness development.

  • Awareness pavilion and corners
  • Electronic screens
  • Social media
  • Commission website
  • Media

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Awareness pavilion and corners


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