Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture

  • Activity Type

    Hackathons and Challenges
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  • Sector

    Environment and Agriculture
  • Location

  • Initiative Period

    23/03/2022 - 07/05/2022

Environmental Hackathon

In accordance with Kingdom Vision 2030, which aims to protect nature and its environmental resources, and in consonance with the Saudi Green Initiative (SGA), which aims to lead environmental and climate change within and outside the Kingdom, MEWA has launched the Environmental Hackathon, a digital competition that encourages motivation and innovation to address the challenges facing the environmental sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This initiative is launched by MEWA in line with its commitment to providing effective, realistic, and sustainable solutions to enhance the quality of human life by improving the environment in which people live and addressing its challenges. It also reflects MEWA's commitment to supporting talents, providing them with opportunities, and empowering them to participate in making a difference.