Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture

  • Activity Type

    Hackathons and Challenges
  • Target Audience

    Programming Specialists
  • Beneficiary Categories

  • Sector

    Environment and Agriculture
  • Location

  • Initiative Period

    26/09/2022 - 28/09/2022

Dates Hackathon

Digital transformation has emerged as one of the most critical pillars of national development and advancement. It is a key enabler of many other productive sectors and plays a central role in shaping the digital economy, which has become a defining feature of modern economies. The key pillars of this axis are leadership and innovation. Dates Hackathon was conceived with the intention of promoting innovative solutions in the agricultural sector by providing a competitive, stimulating, and productive environment, as well as a package of technical, financial, and advisory services in technologies and business development programs, in collaboration with a select group of partners from a variety of sectors. Dates Hackathon is intended to attract creative minds from programmers, 3D design experts, and agricultural experts in the Kingdom. Dates Hackathon is a two-day competition event in which teams of three to six people work to solve problems in the field of agriculture and dates.


Expected Effect

Harnessing technology to contribute effectively to the development of the agricultural sector