Terms of Use

The National Unified Portal GOV.SA, referred to herein as the “Portal” or the “GOV.SA Platform,” is available for your personal use, and each user of Portal is subject to these Terms of Use, and the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Your access to the Portal means you agree to Terms of Use, whether or not you are a registered user, and your agreement shall be effective from the date of your first use of this Portal.

Any amendment to these Terms of Use shall become effective immediately upon announcement, unless otherwise indicated. Your continued use of this Portal following any announcement of any amendment will totally agree to such amendment.

Restrictions on Use

By using this Portal, you agree to refrain from the following:

  • Provide or upload files that contain software, materials, data or other information that is not owned by you or to which you do not have a license.
  • Use this Portal in any way to send any unsolicited or commercial email, or any such misuse of the Portal.
  • Provide or upload files to this Portal that contain viruses or corrupted data.
  • Publish, announce, distribute, or circulate materials or information that contain defamation, violation of regulations, pornographic, obscene, or contrary to public morals, or any illegal materials or information through the Portal.
  • Participation through this Portal in illegal or irregular activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Advertise on the Portal any product or service that puts us in violation of any applicable law or regulation in any field.
  • Use any means, program or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the correct operation of the Platform.
  • Perform any action that imposes a significant load on Portal infrastructure.

Termination of use

We may, in our sole discretion, terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access and use the Portal without notice, for any reason, including breach of the Terms of Use or any other conduct that we may consider, in our sole discretion, to be unlawful or harmful to others, and in Upon termination, you will not be authorized to access this Portal.

Links to GOV.SA Platform

  • You must make a specific request and obtain approval from DGA before linking to this Portal, displaying any of its content, or engaging in any similar activities
  • DGA moderators reserve the right to impose any conditions when permitting the creation of any link to this Portal or any of its contents, or the display of this Portal, or any of its contents.
  • DGA shall in no way be deemed to be associated with, in any way, any trade or service marks, logos, symbols or other means used or appearing on websites linked to this Portal or any of its contents.
  • DGA moderators reserve all the rights to stop and disable any link in any way from any site containing inappropriate, obscene, infringing, indecent, pornographic, indecent, objectionable or illegal topics, names, materials or information that violate any law, or violate any IP rights, rights of privacy, or rights of publicity.
  • DGA moderators reserve the right to disable any link in any unauthorized manner, and assumes no responsibility for the contents available on any other site that may be accessed through or from this Portal.

Links from National Unified Portal

  • Links to other portals and/or websites are provided for the purpose of convenience for you. We are not responsible for the contents or reliability of the portals and/or websites to which we link and we do not endorse their contents. Using links to access those websites or portals is entirely at your own risk.
  • We aim to replace non-working links to other sites, but we cannot guarantee that these links will always work.

Property rights

This portal is technically supervised by DGA, which is a government body that aims to regulate digital government work in government agencies.

All Portal contents, including programs and information, are fully protected in accordance with Saudi copyright, trademark, and various proprietary rights regulations. All IP rights in Portal content are licensed and owned by DGA.

Except as otherwise indicated, you may not sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transmit, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works from any materials or contents from this Portal to the public or for commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of National Unified Portal administration. Any modification of any Portal content is strictly prohibited. The graphics and images in this Portal are protected by copyright, and may not be reproduced or exploited in any way, without prior written consent from the Portal administration.

Judicial reference

You hereby agree to comply exclusively with the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with respect to all claims and disputes arising from your use of this Portal.


National Unified Portal GOV.SA website is a government website managed by DGA, and its contents are published in cooperation with other government agencies.

DGA supervisors, along with participating government agencies, are making every effort to facilitate and streamline public transactions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The participating government agencies and the DGA do not claim to guarantee the accuracy and validity of the content of the Portal by 100%, as some information may be changed by the competent authorities before changing it on the Portal. Therefore, the government agencies and DGA do not bear any responsibility or consequences that may result from making use of the information contained on the Portal.

This Portal has been prepared in the manner permitted by the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and without any guarantees of any kind. DGA hereby does not provide any guarantees for:

  • Accuracy and validity of information.
  • Effectiveness over non-violation.
  • Continuity or validity.
  • Suitability of site content.
  • The portal or server is free of viruses or harmful elements.

DGA and any other governmental body or entity are not legally responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, (direct or indirect) as a result of the use of this Portal.

This Portal contains links to other sites that are not affiliated with DGA, and DGA is not responsible for the contents of these sites. The risks resulting from browsing these sites through the links in the Portal are the responsibility of the person browsing.

This Portal may contain web links to sites or portals that may use methods to protect information, the privacy of which differs from the methods we use. Therefore, we are not responsible for contents and methods of protecting and privacy of other sites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notices of those sites.

Portal server automatically collects visitors' Internet Protocol addresses when they visit one of DGA websites. The IP address is utilized for troubleshooting server issues on websites and gathering usage statistics.

Cookies are employed by certain DGA websites to enhance user navigation and provide a seamless browsing experience. These files can be utilized for password and login remember, making it more convenient and efficient for users to access specific websites. These files are typically saved on computer's hard drive, knowing that the cookies used by DGA are encrypted.

Relevant Legislation:

Limitations of Liability

The online platform offers electronic services, including access to information about different government departments and agencies, solely for the purpose of simplifying manual processes. You hereby acknowledge that internet communications may be vulnerable to third-party interference or interception. It's important to understand that the platform doesn't substitute for official information provided by government authorities, and you can still directly initiate requests and administrative procedures with the appropriate authorities. Hence, using this website is entirely at your own risk, and we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damages of any nature that you may encounter as a result of your use or visit to the website. This includes relying on any statements, opinions, or advertisements on the website, as well as any consequences arising from operational delays, communication disruptions, internet connectivity issues, equipment or software malfunctions, or the actions or thoughts of anyone who accesses this platform.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that your sole and exclusive remedy for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your access or use of this platform is to cease its use or access.

Virus Protection

We invest significant efforts in thoroughly examining and testing the content on this platform throughout its production stages. We strongly recommend that you consistently use an antivirus program for all materials you download from the platform. Please be aware that we do not bear responsibility for any data loss, disruptions, or harm to your computer, nor do we assume responsibility for any incidents that may occur during your connection to this platform or while using material obtained from the platform.

Waive Claims

The National Unified Platform GOV.SA and the services, information, materials and functions available or accessible through the platform are provided for your personal use "as is" and "as is available" without any acknowledgement, promises or guarantees of any kind.

We are not able to ensure or take responsibility for any interruptions, errors, or irregularities that may occur while using this platform or its contents, including any linked websites, whether with or without our knowledge Any communications or information shared by the user on this platform do not grant ownership rights or ensure confidentiality. Engaging or interacting on this platform does not guarantee users any form of rights, licenses, or privileges.


You hereby acknowledge that no action has been taken against the Digital Government Authority or any of its departments or claim for compensation and liability insurance as well as any agencies, personnel or agents responsible for managing, maintaining, updating or providing the platform. This acknowledgment releases DGA from any obligations and liabilities that may arise from your violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use or any applicable regulations, whether in Saudi Arabia or in your place of residence.

Feedback and E-Participation Policy

To fully harness the potential of community e-participation, the GOV.SA platform emphasizes the importance of users' dedication to the e-participation channels it offers. This commitment involves providing constructive feedback and comments that facilitate business development and enhance the services delivered by government agencies. From this standpoint, the GOV.SA platform has established a set of guidelines and regulations that apply to all comments posted on its e-participation channels. These comments undergo a review process by platform management, who reserve the right to withhold publication of any comments deemed inappropriate.

The primary goals for implementing community e-participation can be highlighted as follows:

  • Strengthening involvement of various sectors and individuals within society, including the business sector, in order to enhance engagement, boost participation in decision-making processes, and elevate the quality of government services.
  • Advocating for transparency by sharing important information with the public through surveys, blogs, and other means, and ensuring that the results from these channels are published.
  • Offering various e-participation channels and simplifying their usage by providing direct links and detailed descriptions for each of them.

Below are the key factors for approving comments and posts:

  • Commenters are required to display public decorum and refrain from using any improper or indecent language.
  • Comments must stay relevant to the topic being discussed and should not deviate from it in any manner.
  • Any personal criticisms that do not aim to enrich the idea presented and published must be avoided.
  • Avoid engaging in sectarian conflicts and refrain from discussing topics related to racism or sectarian divides.
  • Complete certainty and confidence are required when writing any Quranic texts or expressing religious opinions. It is advisable to limit discussions on these matters to specialists and experts in the field.
  • Participants are forbidden from engaging in any form of religious insult, disrespecting religious rituals, or sharing information that could fuel sectarian divisions.
  • Avoid writing any personal information, including any contact details.

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