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The Government of Saudi Arabia acknowledges the significance of effective communication and constructive dialogue among the government, citizens, the business sector, and all other stakeholders as essential for accomplishing the goals of Vision 2030.The Government of Saudi Arabia acknowledges the significance of effective communication and constructive dialogue among the government, citizens, the business sector, and all other stakeholders as essential for accomplishing the goals of Vision 2030. Furthermore, Saudi Government recognizes the value of digital interaction and participation as additional means of communication, enabling individuals to express their opinions, share ideas, and provide suggestions on specific societal topics. Therefore, the government values your input and wishes to encourage your active involvement. They rely on your creative ideas and helpful suggestions to enhance the quality of legislation, policies, strategies, initiatives, and services. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia acknowledges the crucial role of digital community engagement in improving government services that prioritize citizens' requirements. To harness the widespread telecommunications infrastructure and internet connectivity in Saudi Arabia, initiatives have been implemented to empower individuals to participate in crafting solutions to matters of public concern. The utilization of information and communication technology brings the advantage of enhanced community engagement in governance. It enables active involvement in tasks such as designing and implementing government services, shaping policies, and fostering inclusive decision-making processes. Our public consultation platforms prioritize preservation and safeguarding of your personal information. We adhere to strict privacy and security measures, ensuring that you can confidently and securely express your perspectives and ideas without hesitation. Your views and opinions can be freely shared with ease, knowing that your information is protected and the process is reliable.

For help or questions please feel free to reach out  contact us. Your opinion matters to us! We eagerly anticipate your engagement and active participation in our diverse range of specialized e-community platforms.

E-Participation Regulation (Controls):

Saudi government agencies have placed significant emphasis on fostering active participation and interaction within communities. This objective aligns with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which aims to facilitate communication channels between government agencies, as well as between citizens and private sector to enhance community engagement. Furthermore, aside from streamlining methods for smart and efficient interactions, actively seeking input from all citizens, and motivating government bodies to address the unique requirements of each individual, while enhancing the quality of their services. This approach aims to bolster the interactive role and initiative of citizens by encouraging them to share their opinions and suggestions with us.
The Digital Government Authority has endorsed a document titled "E-Participation Guidelines", with the goal of promoting community engagement in Saudi Arabia. These controls play a role in elevating the extent of engagement and interaction between government agencies and beneficiaries. They also ensure a smooth experience for recipients of digital government services, ultimately empowering them to actively partake in shaping and endorsing governmental decisions, thereby advancing community involvement.
This document further reinforces this approach, and it is structured around the stages of e-participation. These stages are developed based on best practices that identify the essential components of effective design and strategic implementation, with the ultimate aim of achieving greater levels of engagement and participation at the national level. The primary objective of these controls is to enhance efficiency of government operations and promote corporate social responsibility by engaging with beneficiaries. This approach, in turn, fosters greater transparency across all government sectors and improves communication with recipients, including both individuals and businesses. Additionally, it encourages government agencies to be more responsive to the feedback and perspectives of beneficiaries.
The "e-Participation Controls" document is part of the regulations encompassed by the digital government framework. Its objective is to encourage a "beneficiary centralization" approach within government agencies. This is achieved by fostering active participation through provision of information, consultation, empowerment, collaborative development, and innovation opportunities.


E-Consultations (eParticipation) Regulation

The Council of Ministers, through Decision No. (476) dated 15/7/1441 H has directed the National Competitiveness Center to establish a dedicated unit known as the Systems and Regulations Support Unit. This unit has been created with the purpose of promoting citizen participation and ensuring compulsory consultations on new legislative proposals. The unit's responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and overseeing a unified online platform to conduct surveys involving the public and government agencies.
  • Creating survey forms, assessing the potential outcomes, and circulating them to government agencies.
  • Providing feedback and views on survey results to the project owner if requested.
  • Promoting a survey culture and increasing awareness about the significance of public engagement in assessing the regulatory impact of draft laws, regulations, and similar initiatives.

For more information, please click here.

Public Consultation Platform for Laws, Regulations and Policies

Istitlaa platform, created by the National Competitiveness Center, is open to receiving your opinions and ideas. Whether you are a citizen, resident, or represent civil society, the public or private sector, your input is welcomed regarding all government laws and regulations. The platform is designed to empower you to express your viewpoints and provide feedback on forthcoming legislation, economic initiatives, and developmental matters within the Kingdom. Istitlaa platform hosts both existing (active) and prospective  (proposed) suggestions, and it encourages you to offer your viewpoints and ideas on these proposals before they are finalized or put into action. The platform also provides access to the outcomes of past consultations, which will be found in the found in the (archived). Please explore Istitlaa platform to engage in ongoing or upcoming public legislative consultations covering a range of subjects, including (education, health, social protection, employment, environment, justice and human rights, youth and sport, transport and communications, etc.) please visit the Public Consultant Platform.

Consultations and visuals on strategies, initiatives and services

Government agencies are keen to know your aspirations and opinions, regardless of whether you are a citizen, resident, or represent civil society, the public sector, or the private sector, concerning policies, strategies, and initiatives. You can get more information about current (open), future (planned) and previous (archived) consultations on policies, strategies and initiatives in government agencies websites and portals. To streamline and simplify the process, we have compiled it for your convenience in the following list:

Stay informed and take part in ongoing (current) and upcoming (planned) consultations regarding systems, regulations, policies, strategies, and initiatives by keeping track of the event section on the National Unified Platform.



You can also utilize various existing and upcoming polls to voice your opinion. Current or closed polls conducted by government agencies can also be accessed at this link. Express yourself and share your thoughts now!

Do you have a groundbreaking idea?

Saudi Arabia embraces and encourages novel and innovative ideas that can effectively contribute to the betterment of our society. Your creative ideas are vital to our pursuit of the ambitious objectives outlined in the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Please submit your message using the provided form and the relevant government agency will reach out to you within 10 business days.

Suggestions and Comments

Evaluation of Public Services (Watani Platform)

Watani is a national platform that enables individuals, including citizens, residents, and visitors, to assess and provide feedback on government services. Watani platform also provides an opportunity for you to share your experiences with Saudi government agencies and offer your suggestions for enhancements. Your feedback and rating play a crucial role as performance indicators that officials and decision-makers depend on to enhance the quality of government services. Our goal is to address your suggestion within a timeframe of 10 working days.

Private Sector Feedback Platform

The Private Sector Feedback Platform is the official national platform that provides entrepreneurs and representatives of the private sector with the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions on government regulations and procedures. Your input is invaluable to officials and decision-makers as they work to enhance the business environment and streamline project startups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to address your suggestion within a timeframe of 10 working days.

"Tawasol" platform for engaging with leaders in the Kingdom.

In alignment with the commitment of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may Allah protect him, to ensure that all government services are easily accessible to all citizens, "Tawasol Platform," overseen by the Royal Court, has been established to empower you, the citizen, to submit complaints to any government agency if you have not received the expected quality of service. Our goal is to address your suggestion within a timeframe of 10 working days.

Fikra Platform for National Ideas under management of the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at)

"Fikra Platform," overseen by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at), allows you, along with fellow entrepreneurs, to provide your suggestions and feedback aimed at enhancing the business environment and simplifying the process of launching small and medium-sized enterprises. By fostering innovation and encouraging creative thinkers, decision-makers and officials can leverage your suggestions and ideas. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in administrative hurdles and contributes to realization of vision strategies. Our goal is to address your suggestion within a timeframe of 10 working days.

Social Media Networks

Government agencies utilize their social media platforms to engage with both citizens and business proprietors. You have the option to subscribe to or follow these pages, ensuring direct, dependable and reliable access to information. You can also utilize social media platforms to engage in public surveys, express your thoughts and perspectives on various subjects, or participate in open polls by casting your votes. You can access a comprehensive directory of government agencies and to their social media pages through this  link.

E-Participation Measures for Women and other Social Groups

Saudi Arabia is actively striving to promote digital inclusion and engagement for all members of society, including citizens, residents, various social groups, individuals with disabilities, children, elderly citizens, and other segments of the population. In pursuit of this objective, the Kingdom has established effective communication channels and established measures for enhancing digital literacy and skill development among individuals, including women and other demographics, to empower their participation in the digital realm. These measures encompass:

Learn more about the established standards aimed at guaranteeing effective communication and accessibility of e-government services for women  and social groups, as well as actions taken to enhance their digital literacy and skill development.

E-participation consultations for women and other social groups

In alignment with Saudi Arabia's commitment to safeguard rights of all citizens and residents from various backgrounds, the Kingdom has formulated laws and regulations that provide protection to different groups of society. The Kingdom has enacted legislation pertaining to rights of women, children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, patients, and others across various domains like health, education, and employment. This is done to guarantee a dignified life for all, as outlined in the Basic Law of Governance.

The Kingdom does not remain content with the legislation it has previously put in place; instead, it introduces new laws or makes amendments to existing ones whenever the need arises. In the age of information technology, it has become essential to introduce new legislation and regulations that are relevant to contemporary life, including laws that pertain to different groups of society. These legislations or amendments thereto are placed on Istitlaa platform, as mandated by Council of Ministers Decision No. (476) dated 15/7/1441 AH, to solicit public consultations.

Hereunder, we examine a few instances of seeking public consultations on laws, regulations, policies, and services that are relevant to or encompass women and various societal groups, including people with disabilities, children, the elderly, residents, and others.

The most prominent legislation enacted by the Saudi Government for these categories are as follows:

Regarding women

Regarding People with Disabilities (PWD):

Regarding the elderly:

Regarding visitors

For more, please visit Istitlaa platform.

Citizen voice in government decision-making Your voice matters!

The government is committed to hearing the voices of its citizens. All government agencies are required to prepare and publish a summary report that demonstrates how the agency benefited from citizen voices in new legislation, policies, or other decisions after the consultation process is complete.

visit the ISTITLAA. Platform to learn how government agencies are engaging with citizen voices and how they are using their feedback and suggestions in new legislation. You will find summary reports for all previous consultation initiatives, detailing the contributions of citizens and stakeholders, and how the final version of the legislation was inspired by them. You will also find a comprehensive overview overview of closed electronic consultations.

If you are interested to know how citizen and stakeholder submitted their suggestions of previous consultations on strategies, initiatives, and services, please visit the Previous Consultations (Archived) page and the websites of most government agencies: Ministry of EducationMinistry of HealthMinistry of Environment, Water and AgricultureMinistry of Human Resource and Social DevelopmentSocial Development BankMinistry of JusticeMinistry of CommerceSaudi Authority for Intellectual Property, and Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO, etc).

Citizens contribute to government decision-making by submitting feedback and comments to evaluate portals, their content, and services. Based on this feedback, services are improved, procedures are modified, and new products are added. Examples of this include

Women’s and other vulnerable groups voice as input for Government decisions

The contribution of women and community groups in government decision-making is of high importance. As part of the consultation and decision-making process, all government agencies are required to prepare and publish a summary report that explains how this agency has benefited from the evidence of citizens' voices in new legislation, policies, or other decisions. These reports also provide detailed summaries, especially in cases where the goal is to regulate rights of community groups, or clarify their position or their representatives (NGOs, CSOs, etc.). In addition, these reports explain how their voices have impacted decisions, legislation, strategies, or new policies

Public consultation results and how government agencies deal with citizens' voices - including community groups - are published on ISTITLAA Platform  as well as on Government agency platforms.

Learn more about the established standards aimed at guaranteeing effective communication and accessibility of e-government services for women and social groups, as well as actions taken to enhance their digital literacy and skill development.

Community E-Participation Tools Manual

The Community E-Participation Tools Manual provides instructions and tools to government agencies explaining how to use community e-participation tools, including social media networks, to facilitate a culture of participation in the Kingdom. This manual is the result of a collaborative effort between the Digital Government Authority and a variety of government agencies, academic institutions, the private sector, and CSOs. Their contributions of ideas and expertise had a clear and significant impact on the development of this manual.

Current and upcoming Community E-Participation Events

For current and upcoming Community E-Participation Events, click here.